Creator, Co-Creative Director

Trailer for the ride-2015

Animals in Africa and around the world are in danger. We are reminded constantly through both films and PSAs, but the format can be ineffective in spreading the message of conservation and preservation. What if someone was given the same message, but in a positive way that made them feel happy to give money and support, which in turn would make the whole experience 100% enjoyable? What if the viewer could experience some of the same sights, sounds, and feelings as the animals that they are helping?

Umoja (Unity) is a flythrough, prototype experience in an HD Omni theatre environment that allows guests to explore Africa in a way they’ve never been able to before. The guests see the wildlife as they are meant to be seen - in the wild - rather than how they are presented in captivity. By using automation and pneumatic technology, Umoja becomes an entertaining and exciting interactive experience that can instill in the rider a sense of hope, purpose, and an intimate connection to the animals.  By creating a relationship with the animals and their natural environment, we hope to ignite a passion to help save these precious creatures.

Umoja! Fly over Africa from a bird’s eye view. Experience its landscapes teaming with wildlife and culture. In this Omni theatre like simulator, you will experience Africa from a bird’s point of view, while also learning about conservation efforts and how you can help. Come fly in Umoja!

Footage of the Finished Ride and Guest Reactions


Creative/Technical Director-Tom Kelly

Film-Daniel Kelly

Animation-Tina Liao

Animation-Xuelai Zhang

Lighting Designer-Zara Bucci

Screenwriter-Nikhil Kashyap

Production Team

Technical Director-John Walker Moosbrugger

Production Manager-Kat Landry

Assistant Technical Director-Julian Goldman

Automation-Frank Myer

Automation-Trent Taylor

Automation-Chris Norville

Media assistance-Kevin Loney

Production Crew-Alex Kaplan

Production Crew-Lauren Miller

Production Crew-Chris Calder

Music by Alex Boye/The Piano Guys- Peponi (Paradise,Coldplay)

Ride drafting-John Walker Moosbrugger 2015

Process Photos