About Thomas

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Thomas Kelly got his BFA in Scenic Design and minor in Architectural Design at Carnegie Mellon University and has worked all over the world as a creative director, designer, props maker, graphic designer, and artist . He has worked on various projects in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Canada, The United Arab Emirates, and China. In addition he works as a Freelance Graphic Designer and Freelance Scenic Designer. In theatre he has been involved in carpentry, media, lighting, sound, props, costumes, technical direction and automation. He is currently based in London.

Artistic Statement

Storytelling is an important part of what makes us human. It allows us to share our experiences about who we were, who we are, and who we strive to be. The most touching stories and experiences prove to be timeless through their use of theme, connection, and most often the realization of shared dreams. The past is a story that is told everyday to educate both young and old and to remind us that we are all connected. Through my work, I strive to illustrate how the past can give context to our present, and how our stories could be a guide towards our future.

I design entertainment spaces that transport people into different worlds in order to find a deeper understanding in their lives. These spaces entertain and educate guests about events in history and encourage them to explore their own past to find meaning that could positively influence the future. In theatrical design, I look for ways to enhance the story on stage through a deep understanding of purpose and origin so that no matter what the story is, the meaning has a greater impact on all those who witness and experience it.

In my personal art work, I send myself back to another time in order to see from a different perspective and to understand my own world better. Through art I learn, remember, and am inspired to make the world a place that values the preservation of the past, but strives to make an auspicious future. Through immersion and perspective these timeless experiences encourage everyone to become a storyteller.