The Visit

Conceptual Scenic Design

With this design I wanted to show the decaying qualities of the town and people, the growing and ugly power of Clare, as well as the decaying love/relationship of Clare and Lil. This large tree stump is meant to illustrate these three goals. One aspect is the roots and rotting forms- showing the power and reach of her influence over the decay of the town. The brown and yellow tones in the rotting stump symbolize the impending decay and fall into Clare’s control and influence. In addition the jutting and natural forms relate to the dangerous and looming influence of the town and Lil's impending doom. This cut down tree is a rotting reminder of something that could have been strong and beautiful that has long since been destroyed. The forest is where it all began and so it should end there in some way

    The set stays the way it is for the most part. Light will direct the audience focus and both sound and light will transform the space. Since the set is such an organic form the audience is allowed early on to use their imagination to travel to other locations throughout the story. There could be possible doorways and exits throughout the form if need be. On the organic forms-shelves could be attached to create an interior space. As shown in one of the renderings, a banner could be strewn across the top at the opening of the play. 

    In conclusion the set should evoke a combination of fear, entrapment, and decay not only proving as a back story of Clare and Lil’s story but also as a metaphor for the state of the town and the characters in it.