Sleep Performance analysis Trials

Scenic Designer-2015


The year is 1944 and the russian sleep experiment is alive and well. There is a new soviet gas in development that prevents an enemy from sleeping but before it can be used it must be tested....on you! There are a few past participants who have are already on the gas but have gone silent. Enter with your best friend or dare to enter by yourself. Join the experiment, the story, the horror and prepare to never sleep again! Welcome to the SPAT.

Please listen to a few samples of guests reacting inside the experience

Music used in experience - тили тили бом (english translation=Russian Lullaby)

"Comrade, we thank you for your participation in this sleep experiment. All of your paperwork is correct. The absolute waiver you signed will allow us to propel you, fearless adventurer, beyond the known frontiers of science. Listen carefully, Comrade, to the instructions of the researchers. The triumph of the Motherland and the eradication of Fascism could sit upon your very shoulders. We will be testing a newly developed neurostimulant on you that encourages wakefulness and enhances conciousness. Several other participants from this chamber in particular have already advanced onto further stages. You will be replacing one of those pioneers as an esteemed guest within the vault. Do not be alarmed, Comrade, by the gas. You will feel no discomfort. All your needs have been provided for......"

Scenic Designer-Tom Kelly

Stage/Production Manager- Brennan Felbinger

Technical Director/Costume Designer- Sasha Mieles

Lighting Designer-Nikki Baltzer

Sound Designer-Amanda Courtney

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building SPAT