Hyperloop Co-Creative Director, Architecture Director, Ride Creative Director, Co-Marketing Director

Guests on the ride at the opening 2017

The best way to showcase an idea and technology is to immerse the consumer in that product or experience. The Hyperloop is a proposed new form of transport. It uses vacuum tubes and magnetic levitation to achieve speeds of over 700mph at ground level. Carnegie Mellon's team is currently one of the leading groups developing this exciting technology.

The closest and easiest way to showcase the idea of Hyperloop to the general public at the moment is through VR. What john Walker and I set out to do was not to showcase how fast it goes or how much time you save, that's already known by the people who are familiar with the Hyperloop technology. What we wanted to showcase with our experience was an honest and touching story that would be able to immerse guests into what Hyperloop really does for us as humans, it connects us together as one. Or as we say on the ride "making two worlds one". The idea being that now that New York is only a half hour away, you can live in Denver and go hiking in the afternoon and then meet your parents in New York for some NYC style pizza. You can have long distance relationships because now...there is no distance. You can connect with other states and eventually other cultures, and in that we can form those stronger relationships . It really drives home the idea that we are all on the same planet and we aren't very different from one another. That message is very poignant, now in our history more so than ever before.

Currently the experience has been showcased at the reveal of our first prototype in January 2017 and in March at Conexpo in Las Vegas. Between the two events approximately two thousand people have been able to experience the Hyperloop.

The POV footage from the Carnegie Mellon Hyperloop virtual reality experience.

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Co-Created by Tom Kelly and John Walker Moosebrugger

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